A Technology-Driven Transformation in Bulgarian's largest construction company
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A Technology-Driven Transformation in Bulgarian's largest construction company
A Technology-Driven Transformation in Bulgarian's largest construction company

"Focus on future-proofing: "Digital transformation will allow us to leverage technology to improve efficiency, collaboration, and decision-making, ensuring we remain competitive in the ever-evolving construction landscape."

Transforming Operations with the PLANA Business Cloud ERP System at Trace Group Hold


In the intricate world of construction, Trace Group Hold stands as a beacon of excellence across Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, and Greece. Recognizing the need for a unified and robust system to manage its growing complexities, Trace Group Hold partnered with Plana Solutions to implement the PLANA Business Cloud ERP system. This transformative journey revolutionized their operations, integrating accounting, finance, HR, document management, project procurement, real-time inventory management, sophisticated asset management, attendance tracking, and financial consolidation.

The Challenge

As Trace Group Hold expanded its footprint across multiple countries, it faced the daunting task of managing an increasingly complex array of operations. Each new project added layers of logistical and administrative challenges, straining the existing fragmented systems. The construction of major infrastructure projects highlighted the urgent need for a cohesive solution. 

Manual processes dominated the company’s operations, leading to inefficiencies, delayed reporting, and potential compliance risks. Financial data was scattered across various systems, making consolidation a time-consuming and error-prone process. The lack of real-time visibility into inventory and asset management often resulted in delays and cost overruns, impacting project timelines and profitability. 

The HR department faced its own set of challenges. Managing thousands of employees across different countries, each with unique labor laws and regulations, was cumbersome. Employee records, attendance, and timesheet data were maintained manually, increasing the risk of errors and inefficiencies. Furthermore, the absence of a centralized Document Management System (DMS) meant that critical documents were not easily accessible, complicating project management and compliance efforts. 

The leadership at Trace Group Hold recognized that to sustain growth and maintain their competitive edge, they needed a transformative solution. The vision was clear: to unify their operations under one robust system that could provide real-time insights, streamline processes, and foster seamless collaboration across all departments and locations.

The Vision - A Comprehensive ERP Solution

Trace Group Hold envisioned an ERP system that would: 

  • Integrate accounting, finance, and HR operations. 
  • Automate tax accounting processes. 
  • Develop a robust DMS for centralized document storage and access. 
  • Enable real-time creation and management of purchase orders and material receipts on-site. 
  • Provide real-time inventory management and daily material consumption reporting. 
  • Implement an advanced asset management module for tracking and managing all assets. 
  • Include an attendance feature integrated with the timesheet module for efficient workforce management. 
  • Incorporate an experience management feature in the HR module to track employees' skills and previous work experience. 
  • Offer financial and accounting consolidation for the holding’s multiple companies. 
  • Provide a seamless user experience for over 300 users across three countries.

Implementation Journey

The project began with a meticulous assessment of existing processes. Plana Solutions conducted detailed workshops with key stakeholders to understand their unique needs and challenges. This collaborative approach ensured the solution would align perfectly with Trace Group Hold’s strategic goals.

The design phase involved crafting a blueprint that mapped existing workflows to the new system functionalities. Custom configurations tailored the system to meet Trace Group Hold’s specific requirements, particularly in automating tax accounting, integrating HR functions, enabling real-time inventory management, and implementing advanced asset management and attendance features.

Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of financial, HR, document, and asset data was critical. The team meticulously cleansed and validated data before transferring it into the new system, supported by rigorous testing to ensure seamless integration.

Change management was key to the project's success. Plana Solutions implemented comprehensive training programs for finance, HR, project, inventory management, and asset management teams. Continuous support and feedback mechanisms helped manage resistance and ensure a smooth transition.

Testing and Deployment

Extensive pilot testing ensured the system met all functional requirements. Following successful testing, the system was rolled out across the organization with minimal disruption, integrating over 300 users in three countries into one centralized system.

Financial Integration and Efficiency

Streamlined Financial Processes

The integration of the PLANA Business Cloud ERP system brought significant improvements to Trace Group Hold’s financial operations. The automation of financial processes, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting, enabled more accurate and timely financial data. This enhanced the company’s ability to make informed strategic decisions and maintain regulatory compliance.

Automated Tax Accounting

Automating tax accounting processes reduced the manual workload and minimized the risk of errors. The system ensured timely compliance with local tax regulations across different countries, reducing the likelihood of fines and penalties. This automation also freed up the finance team to focus on more strategic tasks, such as financial planning and analysis.

Centralized Financial and Accounting Consolidation

The financial and accounting consolidation feature allowed Trace Group Hold to streamline and centralize financial reporting across its multiple subsidiaries. This capability provided a comprehensive view of the holding's overall financial health, ensuring accurate and timely consolidated financial statements. The centralized system also improved the efficiency of inter-company transactions and reconciliations, reducing administrative overhead and improving financial transparency.

Operational Impact 

Enhanced HR Management 

The integrated HR module revolutionized the management of employee contracts, leave, timesheets, and attendance. The attendance feature allowed employees to check in and out of company facilities, integrated seamlessly with the timesheet module. This ensured accurate tracking of work hours and improved payroll accuracy. Additionally, the experience management feature enabled employees to upload and describe their previous work experience and skills, creating a comprehensive database for talent management and development. With centralized HR data, accessibility and management became seamless, leading to improved efficiency and employee satisfaction. 

Efficient Document Management 

The DMS provided a centralized repository for all documents, accessible across branches in Serbia, Romania, and Greece. This improved document retrieval and management, enhancing compliance and operational efficiency. The system also supported version control and audit trails, ensuring that all documents were up-to-date and compliant with regulatory requirements. 

Real-time Inventory Management 

One of the most significant advantages of the new ERP system was the real-time inventory management capability. All departments working on construction sites could report daily material consumption directly to the accounting department. This real-time visibility into inventory levels ensured efficient resource utilization and timely replenishment, reducing project delays and material shortages. 

Advanced Asset Management 

The sophisticated asset management module allowed Trace Group Hold to efficiently track and manage over 2000 assets, including vehicles and machinery. This module provided real-time data on asset status, insurances, repairs, and maintenance schedules, ensuring optimal asset utilization and reducing downtime.

Strategic Decision-Making

Informed Decision-Making

 Real-time access to financial, HR, procurement, inventory, and asset data enabled informed decision-making. The centralized system fostered better coordination between departments and branches, creating a more collaborative work environment. The ability to generate comprehensive reports and dashboards allowed management to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and make data-driven decisions. 

Improved Financial Planning 

The integration of advanced financial planning tools within the ERP system enhanced Trace Group Hold's ability to forecast future financial performance. Scenario analysis and predictive modeling capabilities allowed the company to evaluate different strategies and make proactive adjustments to stay on track with their financial goals.


The implementation of the PLANA Business Cloud ERP system marked a transformative milestone for Trace Group Hold. By integrating and automating critical functions across accounting, finance, HR, document management, project procurement, inventory management, and asset management, Trace Group Hold has positioned itself for sustained growth and competitiveness in the construction industry. In the end, the true success of this project lies in the seamless, real-time collaboration it enabled. Across three countries, more than 300 users now work in harmony, supported by a robust, centralized system that brings together every aspect of their operations. It is a testament to the power of technology in transforming the operations of a large, multi-faceted organization, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the construction industry.

This case study was made possible by the dedicated efforts of the project team at Plana Solutions and the collaborative spirit of Trace Group Hold’s management and staff.