From Manual to Magic: Automating Accounting with Payhawk and Plana
A Seamless Integration for Faster Approvals and Reconciliation

Oggy Shopov

Director of Partnerships, Payhawk

From Manual to Magic: Automating Accounting with Payhawk and Plana
From Manual to Magic: Automating Accounting with Payhawk and Plana

"ERP integrations are all about breaking down data silos and fostering collaboration between departments. The success of this project hinged on close collaboration between finance and other departments."

Case Study: Seamless Accounts Payable Automation with Payhawk and Odoo Integration


In an era where financial efficiency and accuracy are paramount, the collaboration between Payhawk and Plana Solutions LTD has set a new standard in accounts payable automation. Payhawk, a leading spend management platform, teamed up with Plana Solutions LTD, a pioneer in accounting automation in Bulgaria. Plana Solutions utilized its advanced ERP integration capabilities to leverage the Odoo accounting module. This partnership aimed to deliver an integrated solution that offers superior automation in accounts payable, benefiting businesses with enhanced efficiency and control over their financial workflows.


The primary objectives of this collaboration were: 

  • Automate Accounts Payable Processes: The goal was to reduce manual data entry, minimize errors, and streamline processes related to expense reporting, invoice management, and payment reconciliation. 
  • Enhance Real-Time Visibility: Providing businesses with real-time access to comprehensive spend data across their organizations to enable better budget control and strategic decision-making. 
  • Streamline Financial Workflows: By combining Payhawk’s spend management features with Odoo’s robust accounting capabilities, the partnership aimed to improve cash flow management and overall operational efficiency. 
  • Ensure Compliance and Security: Maintaining compliance with international security standards and local regulatory requirements was critical to providing a secure financial management solution.


The implementation of this integrated solution was meticulous and involved several critical steps: 

  1. Integration Setup: Plana Solutions LTD integrated Payhawk’s spend management platform with the Odoo accounting module. This integration ensured seamless data flow between the two systems, enabling automated data entry and synchronization. 
  2. Two-Way Real-Time Synchronization: A standout feature of this integration was the two-way synchronization in real-time between Payhawk and Odoo. This feature ensured that partners, expense categories, and analytics were consistently updated across both platforms, providing a cohesive and accurate financial overview. 
  3. Customization: Custom approval workflows were configured to align with the specific needs and structures of the clients’ businesses. This customization ensured that all expenses were reviewed and approved promptly and accurately, reflecting the unique operational requirements of each business. 
  4. User Training: Comprehensive training sessions were conducted for the clients’ finance teams. This training ensured smooth adoption of the integrated system, maximizing its potential benefits and ensuring that users were proficient in utilizing all features. 
  5. Monitoring and Support: Continuous monitoring and support were provided to ensure the system’s efficiency and address any issues that arose during the initial implementation phase. This support was critical to maintaining the seamless operation of the integrated solution.


The integration delivered several key benefits to the clients: 

Enhanced Automation: The integration significantly reduced the need for manual data entry, minimizing errors and speeding up financial processes. Automated workflows replaced manual tasks, leading to substantial time savings and increased accuracy. 

Real-Time Spend Visibility: Clients gained real-time insights into their spend data, enabling them to make informed budgetary decisions. The ability to identify trends, detect anomalies, and enforce policies effortlessly was a game-changer for many businesses. 

Streamlined Workflows: Financial operations were streamlined, resulting in improved cash flow management and overall operational efficiency. The combination of Payhawk’s innovative spend management technology with Odoo’s robust accounting software created a powerful tool for managing financial operations. 

Two-Way Synchronization: The real-time synchronization between Payhawk and Odoo ensured that all data, including partners, expense categories, and analytics, were up-to-date across both systems. This feature provided a seamless financial management experience, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring data integrity. 

Compliance and Security: The integrated solution adhered to stringent international security standards, ensuring data protection and regulatory compliance. Clients could rest assured that their financial data was secure and managed in compliance with all relevant regulations


The integrated solution provided by Payhawk and Plana Solutions LTD transformed the accounts payable processes for many businesses. Key outcomes included: 

  • Improved Efficiency: Businesses reported significant improvements in efficiency, with reduced manual workloads and faster processing times for expense reports and invoice management. 
  • Enhanced Control: The integration provided enhanced control over financial operations, with real-time visibility into spending and streamlined approval workflows ensuring that all expenses were properly managed. 
  • Operational Benefits: Clients experienced significant operational benefits, including improved cash flow management and better strategic decision-making capabilities. The integration demonstrated how combining advanced spend management technology with robust accounting software could deliver substantial value. 


The collaboration between Payhawk and Plana Solutions LTD, integrating Payhawk’s spend management platform with Odoo’s accounting module, successfully delivered a comprehensive and automated accounts payable solution. Plana Solutions, as a pioneer in accounting automation in Bulgaria with expertise in serving the largest companies in the country, played a crucial role in this integration. This case study highlights the effectiveness of strategic technology integrations in enhancing financial management processes and achieving greater operational efficiency.