Dec 18, 2019
SoftUni seminar: ERP vs. Digital transformation
at Software University

On December 18, 2019, the executive director of Plana Solutions, Chudomir Monevski, gave a free seminar in Softuni on the topic of ERP vs Digital Transformation

About the seminar

If the "ERP" phenomenon has been among the trendy words in the daily life of corporations for decades, then "digital transformation" has literally announced our daily life in recent years. The two are as different as they go hand in hand. Could the eternal debate between business conservatism and new tech entrepreneurship be bridged? Of course. It all depends on properly collected, protected and quickly processed information in real time.

Classical formulas in a modern reading are offered by open source ERP platforms. The lecture covered practical examples from one of the most famous open source platforms, Plana Business Cloud, written in Python. The audience got a peek into both architectural and management details.

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