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[New Feature] Site structure!

от "'Tim from Ahrefs' via Accounting" <> - 15.04.2019 09:13:08

Hi Chudomir,

We’ve recently added a new feature to our Site Audit tool. tada

It’s called Site structure:

With this report, you can:

  • Get an easy overview of the structure of a website;
  • Instantly visualize which sections contain obvious errors.

Want some more cool use cases? 

  • With “Indexability”, you can quickly spot pages that are linking to a no-index page (i.e wasted). Remove or fix these pages. 
  • With “Depth”, you can find pages with too many hops from the home page. This means you should add internal links to them because they are too “deep” in your site.
  • With “HTTP status code”, you can instantly see 3xx and 4xx pages with internal links. Remove or fix these links! 

And much, much more… 

I’ll leave it to you to play around with this report and find issues you need to fix on your site. wink

Any questions or feedback? Let us know grinning

Tim Soulo
Head of Marketing @ Ahrefs

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